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Holidays in Quarteira

Holidays in Quarteira

Quarteira is known as the heart of the Algarve. Those who holiday in Quarteira get back home with their heart full of happiness after enjoying its food, sunshine, fine sands, and warm waters!

The more than two kilometers long waterfront and palm-fringed promenade made Quarteira one of the first fishing villages to be promoted by its picturesque streets and fantastic views. It was the most popular destination for a holiday in Algarve, in the 60s, due to its unique climate, and since then, the number of visitors has increased.

Considering the many hotels, holiday apartments, shops, bars, restaurants, clubs, golf courses, plenty of leisure activities, and many other offers, all close to the beach, Quarteira will be the best option for your next break.


Where is Quarteira?

Located approximately in the center of the Algarve, Quarteira is a village in the municipality of Loulé - 22,7 km west of Faro, 21 km east of Albufeira, and 12,6 km south of Loulé.


The Weather in Quarteira

 The weather in Quarteira is known for its long and hot Summers, mild and short Winters, little rainfall, and more than 300 sunny days a year.
The average annual higher temperatures in Quarteira vary between 15º C and 28ºC, and the seawater temperature is between 17º C and 24º C. 


Distance from Quarteira to Vilamoura

The distance between Quarteira and Vilamoura takes only eight minutes by car, about 3.8km.

Should you prefer to exercise and walk from one of our holiday apartments in Quarteira to Vilamoura, it will take approximately thirty minutes. If this is too much for you, there are other options to take you there: by minibus, taxi, or using a transport app like Uber.


Beaches in Quarteira

The beaches in Quarteira are among the most popular in the country, when you book your Algarve holiday in this village, you will understand why!

Awarded with the Blue Flag during Summertime, these beaches offer good-quality seawater, easy access, concessioned areas with shade hire, and Lifeguard.



Quarteira Beach

The beach, which is 2 km long, is divided into smaller beaches by several stone breakwaters, making it safer for bathers and allowing them to enjoy the sea

The promenade with bars, restaurants, and shops runs along the beach, providing endless moments of fun and entertainment.


Forte Novo Beach

Named after the New Fort (Forte Novo) built by King John II of Portugal in the 15th century, this beach is the closest to Parque Atlântico and Varandas de Carteia Apartments, which are just a three-minute walk away.
The ruins of the fort can be seen in the water at low tide.

This wide golden sandy beach stretches between the Almargem and the first stone breakwaters of the Quarteira beaches, where the promenade begins.

The best restaurants to enjoy a meal with a breathtaking view are the Forte Novo or Gaivota restaurants.


Trafal Beach

Located at the eastern end of Quarteira, between Loulé Velho beach and the Carcavai stream, it is also known as Cavalo Preto beach.

Before you reach the beach, you will find two very different landscapes: marshy fields to the northwest and the Royal Golf Course to the northeast.

This extensive sandy beach with calm waters is considered one of the best beaches in Quarteira.


Loulé Velho Beach

This is a wide sandy beach stretching between the beaches of Trafal and Almargem, with reddish cliffs crowned by a pine forest.
You can cool off in the calm waters and enjoy a day at the beach.

Ancient ruins of Roman salt pans have been discovered on the beach, as well as an old Carthaginian fishing village in the sea.

If you want to have lunch with a fantastic sea view, you should visit the Tempêrus restaurant.



Almargem Beach

With the stunning landscape scenario of the ochre cliffs with the pine forest on top and the lagoon of Almargem stream, rich in fauna and flora, this is a fantastic place to spend the day exploring nature, sunbathing, swimming in the sea or having a meal at BJ's Oceanside Restaurant.

The golden sandy beach of Almargem stretches between Loulé Velho and Forte Novo beaches.


What to do near Quarteira?

There is much to be said about the sights in Quarteira, for apart from the beaches there are other interesting places, some of which we highlight:

  • The Roman ruins of Cerro da Vila: located in Vilamoura, contain what is believed to have been between the 1st and 3rd centuries, a luxurious villa with a living room, bedrooms, kitchen, slave service rooms, and even public changing rooms.
  • Hiking trails in Quinta do Lago: These trails, integrated into the Ria Formosa Natural Park, are suitable for birdwatchers and hikers.
  • Family Golf Park in Vilamoura: Play mini-golf with your family during your holiday in Quarteira. With two 18-hole courses, terraces, and a children's playground.
  • Aquashow: A water park for children and adults with water fun and more!
  • Zoomarine: Focused on marine life, this theme park is also one of Portugal’s main conservation, education, and rehabilitation study and research center.
  • Water sports: Kitesurfing, bodyboarding, surfing, snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, stand-up paddling
  • Boat trips: During your holiday in the Algarve, there are numerous boat trips on offer, from exploring caves and hidden beaches to dolphin watching and much more.
  • Buggy Safari: There is nothing like exploring the dirt roads of the rural Algarve for moments of pure adrenaline during your holiday in Quarteira!
  • Day trips to various towns and villages in the Algarve and further north in Portugal and Spain.
  • Almancil Karting: A park where you can test your driving skills.
  • Playing golf
  • Horse riding
  • Tribal Clash 
  • Riding a bike
  • Exploring the Ria Formosa Nature Park
  • Skydiving
  • Triathlon in Quarteira
  • Coarse fishing


Quarteira Market

Every Wednesday morning, the traditional market of Quarteira takes place in Fonte Santa. There is a little bit of everything at this market, which is already a tourist magnet in the area: Food, clothes, and bargains!

At the same time, the fruit and vegetable market in the center of Quarteira attracts the attention of those looking for the best produce.


Fish Market in Quarteira

You can buy fresh, high-quality fish at Quarteira's fish market, near the boat dock. Besides fish, the traditional market also offers a wide range of seafood, including squid, octopus, lobster, crabs, mussels, prawns, and fresh oysters.

It is open from Monday to Saturday from 7.00 to 14.00 and closed on Sunday.


Restaurants in Quarteira

Restaurants? You will find a wide range of them in Quarteira or Vilamoura.

From seafood and fish to meat, vegetarian, chicken, or hamburgers to Portuguese cuisine or other cuisines such as Italian, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, French, and many others. You are sure to find one or the other that you prefer.

Below are suggestions for some of the best restaurants near your holiday home:



Marisqueira Santiago

Visit the Marisqueira Santiago at Rua do Leste nº1 in Quarteira to enjoy the best seafood. About 4 minutes walk from Algarve Accommodations Apartments in Quarteira.

This is closed on Tuesdays.


Restaurante Marcoense

Located in Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, Marcoense Restaurant serves great home-cooked food typical of Marco de Canaveses, a Portuguese town in the Porto district, with a variety of typical Portuguese meat and fish dishes.

Closes on Thursdays.


Restaurante A Gaivota Beach Bar

The specialty of this restaurant is seafood and fresh fish from the Algarve coast, but they also serve excellent salads. Located on the Quarteira seafront, A Gaivota Beach Bar restaurant is situated between Quarteira and Forte Novo beaches and offers a wide view of the sea. It is open every day.

Here you can sit with a glass of wine and enjoy the sunset.


Restaurant Raizes

If you prefer vegetarian or vegan food, Raízes restaurant is the best choice for you. Located at Rua do Leste 23B in Quarteira, it is a very relaxed restaurant.

Closed on Sundays.


Encantus Pizzeria

This restaurant will delight you with its fantastic homemade pizzas from the wood-fired oven.
Encantus Pizzeria is located at R. Gonçalo Velho 90 bloco B loja 8 in Quarteira, near the vegetable market.

Closed Wednesdays for lunch and all day Sundays.


Bem Bom Restaurant

Perfect for meat lovers, Bem Bom restaurant is specialized in the Brazilian meat served at Rodizio.
It is situated on the Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, close to the bus station in Quarteira, and is closed on Sundays.


Forte Novo Restaurant

The Forte Novo restaurant is very well located on the beach of Forte Novo and offers a fantastic view of the beach and the sea.

The restaurant specializes in grilled fish, grilled meat, kebabs, seafood, and cataplana (a traditional Algarvian dish).
In Summer, the restaurant is open daily, while in Winter closes on Fridays.


Night in Quarteira

Quarteira is suitable for families, so the nightlife is quiet and relaxed. But there are many activities to enjoy at night: restaurants, bars, outdoor seasonal events, summer festivals, a stroll on the promenade, and many others.

If you prefer to have fun late at night, go to Vilamoura where you will find more bars, clubs, parties, and the casino.