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Zoomarine Algarve

Zoomarine Algarve

Zoomarine Algarve is one of the region’s chief attractions. Focused on marine life, this theme park is also one of Portugal’s main conservation, education, and rehabilitation study and research center.

On top of this, it is also the only place in Europe where it is possible to embark on a swimming session with dolphins.

For all these reasons, Zoomarine Algarve makes any family trip here worthwhile. But dolphins, seals, and sea-lions are but a small part of what you and your family will be able to see. 

There are also immersion habitats of exotic birds to explore, pirate shows to cherish, as well as pools, water slides, and even a beach to relax while waiting for the next exhibition.

With an area of more than 18 hectares of fun, entertainment, and environmental education, the experience is completed by many leisure activities, including visits to its shopping stores and restaurants.

There truly is something for everybody in Zoomarine Algarve, so read along as you discover everything you need to know about this unique theme park.


What is Zoomarine Algarve?

Zoomarine Algarve is a marine zoological theme park, located in Albufeira, in the most southern region of Portugal. One of its main attractions and the reason why it is widely recognized is the opportunity it gives its visitors to swim with dolphins.

However, there is much more to do in Zoomarine Algarve. Alongside the common aquatic attractions such as water slides and wave pools, Zoomarine Algarve also boasts a lot of shows and exhibitions, many already awarded for their quality and entertainment by the international community. Further below, we will go into them more specifically.

Away from the spotlight and the thousands of daily visitors, Zoomarine Algarve is more than a theme park. It is also a marine life research center, with conservation and rehabilitation purposes.

These sea life conservation efforts are done by way of its ample project called “Together We Protect” through which Zoomarine Algarve manages several undertakings. These include conservation projects developed alongside several universities, as well as environmental education programs and knowledge sharing with the scientific community at large.

However, its most known project might be the “Porto D’Abrigo” which loosely translates simply to “shelter”. The activity relies on welcoming threatened marine life, rehabilitating it, and returning it safely back into the ocean.


Where is Zoomarine Algarve?

Zoomarine Algarve is in Algarve, Portugal. More specifically in Albufeira. 

Albufeira is one of the most recognized cities in the region, full of history and beautiful beaches. Every year, thousands of visitors come to this ancient fishing-town and many of them cannot resist visiting Zoomarine Algarve which is only a 20-minute drive away.

They go there searching for a special experience. A day with the family different from what would be the norm and exhibitions far from common.


What are the attractions of Zoomarine Algarve?

Zoomarine Algarve has many attractions and activities for you to enjoy. Their most renowned is the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins. But there are many others. Below, we will give you a glimpse of its main attractions.


Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is an activity only possible in Zoomarine Algarve. The theme park offers visitors different family packages, but with one unique experience. 

Throughout it all, you’ll be accompanied by a trained expert who will share his or her knowledge on these beautiful aquatic mammals and invite you to enjoy rare moments of pure joy.



Dolphin Exhibitions – Dream and Fantasia

Called “Dream and Fantasia”, the dolphin exhibition of the Zoomarine Algarve is also one of the favorite attractions. Defined as a moment of direct connection with ocean life, the exhibition shares knowledge on dolphin behaviors as well as their main characteristics, including the wonderful relationship they develop with their trainers.


Seal Exhibitions – Sea Adventures

In this exhibition, the focus is given to seals and sea-lions, which are full of fun and a hint of geniality. Visitors are invited to get involved and know more about these lovely animals that inhabit our seas.


Immersion Habitat – Americas 

This opportunity gives its visitors to immerse themselves in a giant habitat full of fantastic exotic birds for the whole family to explore.


The Enchanted Forest – Flying Colours

The Enchanted Forest – Flying Colours counts on the wonderful colours of tropical birds such as cockatoos, macaws, and parrots, inviting everyone to discover their secrets and the sounds of a magical forest at Zoomarine Algarve.


The Birds of Prey – Wings of the World

The Birds of Prey – Wings of the World is another bird presentation, albeit focused on the speed and elegance of some of the best-known birds of prey, including eagles and hawks.


The Bay of Pirates

And how could there be an aquatic theme park without a pirate show? In this one, Zoomarine Algarve prepared a wonderful set full of acrobatic antics of pirates looking for riches!


Other Attractions of the Zoomarine Algarve

If you can still manage to find some spare time, there are countless other activities in Zoomarine Algarve for you to enjoy, including many pools and water slides. For the youngest of the youngsters, there is also a children’s play area, as well as a tropical sand beach for everyone to enjoy.

And if the sun gets too hot, then go for stroll in Zoomarine’s Algarve aquarium, or explore its many restaurants and stores. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.



Zoomarine Algarve tickets

Tickets to Zoomarine Algarve come in many options, from a 1-day pass to its annual alternative. As the theme park aims to provide wonderful moments to entire families, there’s also the family day pass. And if you’re an Algarve Resident, there are discounts waiting for you to enjoy.

Normally, tickets also tend to be cheaper when bought directly online and prices vary according to age, and babies can enter free of charge. Remember to ask for the Zoomarine Pay bracelet, so you can walk around without even having to carry your wallet.

Zoomarine Algarve is guaranteed to be a day of fun, complete by an educational message delivered along the way.