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Albufeira is one of the best destinations for a few days of rest and fun in the Algarve, being, by far, one of the best known and recognized places in the region, for two main reasons: its beaches and its nightlife. 

Also known as the gateway to the Algarve, Albufeira is a city that, in itself, does not only concentrate some of the best and most beautiful beaches in this area of Portugal, such as the Falésia beach; but also, at the same time, the growth and cultivations of more tourist attractions, such as the widely known “Rua da Oura”, where you can find dozens of restaurants and bars where you will be able to end yet another excellent day of holidays.

To all of this, Albufeira completes the scene with an excellent high-quality hotel offer, complemented by the friendliness of its people, ready to welcome you at any time of the year, but especially in summer, when temperatures invite you to swim in the sea and dinner on the terrace. 

In this article, you will learn all about the history of Albufeira as well as everything you need to know when choosing Albufeira as your next holiday destination


Where is Albufeira? 

Albufeira is a Portuguese city located in the district of Faro, capital of the Algarve region. 

With more than 40,000 inhabitants, its borders are the municipalities of Silves and Loulé, but mainly the Atlantic Ocean – with whom Albufeira shares a wide coastline, in a natural framework made of typical fauna and flora, filled with a unique beauty. 

It was with this beauty that, together with the quality of its beaches, Albufeira began to attract attention. 

Over the years and little by little, Albufeira has been developing economically through quality tourist offer, complemented by a dynamic nightlife that, every year, invites thousands of people to experience it. And some of these people who visit Albufeira really come to love the city, with more than 20% of its resident population being born outside the region. 

In other words, Albufeira is a Portuguese cosmopolitan city, being one of the most visited regions in the Algarve. 


How far is Albufeira from Faro airport? 

As the capital of the Algarve region, Faro is the southernmost city in Portugal with the best airport prepared to receive the thousands of people who travel to Albufeira every year. 

The journey between Faro and Albufeira normally takes around 40 minutes between one point and the other, when by car. By comparison, this is more or less the same time that any tourist would take to go from Charles de Gaulle airport, in Paris, to the center of the French capital. 


How much does a taxi cost from Albufeira to Faro Airport? 

For around 40 minutes – the time it takes to drive the distance between Albufeira and Faro airport – a taxi will do the service for around €45, depending on some factors such as traffic, for example.

However, this is increasingly a market whose offer is also presented in the form of new technological applications, such as Uber or Bolt, whose prices vary according to the demand for Albufeira. 


Weather in Albufeira 

The weather and climatic temperature in Albufeira is, in everything, similar to the weather found in most of the Algarve region, throughout the year: lots of sun and little to no rain

Naturally, during the summer, temperatures are more favourable for those days at the beach and a diving within the sea. 

However, during the winter, when visiting Albufeira you will find a mild temperature, ideal for a stroll along the beach during the day, exploring nature and ending with an excellent meal in one of the many quality restaurants at your disposal, scattered all over the city. 

If temperature is a decisive factor in your decision to visit Albufeira, do not hesitate: throughout the year, you will find an ideal temperature to welcome you and your family or friends. 

To find out what you'll find at each time of the year, read our article dedicated to Weather in the Algarve, in general, which you can then infer to Albufeira. 


Albufeira Best Beaches

As we have seen, Albufeira borders precisely the Atlantic Ocean. In other words, part of Albufeira's charm is precisely its coastline, full of natural beaches of incomparable beauty. Next, get to know some of the best beaches in Albufeira.


Coelha Beach 

Praia da Coelha, in Albufeira, is accessible by foot, through fields sprinkled with olive and carob trees that, little by little, are transformed into coastal scrubland of natural beauty.

When you put your feet on the sand, you will find a small area in which you can spread the towel and bury your parasol, protected by rocky walls of warm colors, in which you can find some marine fossils, as well as some caves and erosions built by the forces of the sea and fresh waters: one of the main attractions of this beach in Albufeira. 

At the bottom, on the east side, you will find Alto da Coelha, which gives the beach its name. 


São Rafael Beach 

On this one of the best beaches in Albufeira, you will find countless rock formations, in the form of arches or caves, exposing visitors to the natural struggle between the sea water and the rainwater that formed them. 

Along this beach in Albufeira, two of these formations will certainly catch your attention: the Ponte Pequena and the Ninho das Andorinhas. We leave you with the challenge of, when visiting Praia de São Rafael, trying to guess which is which! 

At Praia de São Rafael, in Albufeira, it is also sometimes possible to glimpse the outline of the submerged rocks through the transparent water, or simply venture out on an underwater visit. 


Falésia Beach 

On Falésia beach, in Albufeira, the sand you will find stretches for about 6km long, protected by large cliffs that, in practice, are also largely responsible for the huge amount of sand that allows you some of the most beautiful walks along the seafront of Albufeira. 


Castelo Beach 

Praia do Castelo (or Castle), in Albufeira, is probably one of the most recognizable beaches of the coast of Albufeira, mainly due to the rock formation that gives it its name, in which it is possible to glimpse small formations in a line, that are reminiscent of the battlements of a castle. 

On this beach, the walks along the cliffs are also very special, as you will be able to see some marine birds typical of Albufeira that fly there to hunt, while, at the same time, you will find, here and there, small natural caves. 
And after a walk along the coast or even a day sunbathing on one of the best beaches in Albufeira, what better than a good night?


Albufeira Nightlife

All over the city of Albufeira you will find bars and restaurants worthy of mention. However, in Albufeira, there is only one street you really need to know: Rua da Oura. 

Rua da Oura is a street that attracts thousands of people every year to Albufeira. In fact, on Rua da Oura, it is even likely that you will only hear English or French, given the number of tourists who meet there every night. 

Sometimes called mini-Las Vegas, Rua da Oura, in Albufeira, is also known for being the “street of the bars” and, although fun is always guaranteed, it is most likely that, throughout the night, it will be the younger people that will be taking care of it, well into the night. 


How much is beer in Albufeira? 

As in all tourist attractions such as Albufeira, the price of beer is comparable to that found in certain areas of Lisbon and Porto, with the price of the so-called “imperial” being around two euros. 


Albufeira Restaurants

As well as the bars, throughout Albufeira you will find countless restaurants waiting for you. 

Some will be more dedicated to seafood or fish – Albufeira is, after all, an old fishing village – others will certainly not forget the tenderest grilled meat. 

However, despite the vast majority of bars in Albufeira being concentrated on Rua da Oura, with the restaurants, the same is not true. In other words, that is to say that you will find a quality restaurant in every street of Albufeira, leaving you with the difficult choice of choosing your favorite, depending on each occasion.


Where to stay in Albufeira?

As we have seen, Albufeira is an authentic dynamic city, capable of mixing the fun of a small Las Vegas with the quiet and peace provided by some of the best beaches in Portugal. 

In Albufeira you will also find a few hotels ready to welcome you and your family or friends for a holiday well spent. Of these, the most recognized will be the luxury hotels Salgados Palace or the Pine Cliffs Resort which, as you may have guessed, may have some impact on the budget planned for a few relaxed and quality days. 

Our suggestion is that you leave the luxury to the natural beauty of Albufeira's beaches and the fun to the thousands of bars and restaurants that you will be able to find all over the city, while enjoying a peaceful night in one of our apartments, closer to the beach, in Quarteira – about 20km from Albufeira.