Algarve Accommodations

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Holidays in the Algarve

Holidays in the Algarve

Do you know the feeling of a sense of contentment identified as happiness but also with another name? It is called holidays in the Algarve!

This feeling is caused by the extensive coastline of golden sandy beaches, lapped by the Atlantic Ocean. And if you still add the sun and sea, some fishing villages, a vast historical, cultural and artistic heritage, stunning natural landscapes, diverse sports activities and an unstoppable nightlife. Do you still need more reasons to start planning your Algarve holidays?!

The Southern part of the country is visited by thousands of tourists every year, for its excellent summer conditions, magnificent beaches and diversity of accommodation, this will be your next holiday in the Algarve! 

The Algarve is known for all of its types of beaches! And there's more to it! It has 240 km of coastline, cliffs, bays, islands, mountains, conditions for water sports, boating, golfing, hiking or biking, luxury resorts, holiday villages, picturesque villages and cosmopolitan cities that have lived day by night in full excitement!


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Where is the Algarve?

Algarve is at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula in southern Portugal, with the Alentejo region bordering on the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the south.


Best Algarve destinations

The best destinations in Algarve are, of course, the ones with the best beaches. The long coastline and Mediterranean summer climate are what attract tourists the most, but it is also important to note that in all of them, there are other points of interest that you should not miss during your holidays in the Algarve!



One of the most popular holiday spots in the Algarve for tourists due to its magnificent beaches with a crystal-clear sea hiding in caves.


This region is known for its extensive sandy beach that runs from Praia da Rocha to Ria de Alvor and invites visitors to spread the towel and indulge in a dolce far niente.

Armação de Pêra

One of the oldest fishing villages in the country that still retains a traditional coastal setting.


Considered one of the best destinations in the Algarve because it offers a wide range of activities, from the beach to nightlife, cultural and sports activities.


The best destination for golfers with amazing golf courses? Yes! But this region also allows you to practise several other sports, namely water sports, where it isn’t for its best marina in Portugal!


Much sought after due to the offer in terms of accommodation, but also for its marginal avenue to lose sight, ideal to end great nightlife, a great day of beach!


This is the capital of Algarve. Faro has a beautiful and millenary coastal area and delights tourists who want to know the historical and religious heritage of the county during a holiday in the Algarve.


Beautiful beaches that have the best conditions for water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Monte Gordo

This was the first beach resort for holidays in Algarve, it allows sea bathing at a very pleasant temperature!