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Flights to Algarve

Flights to Algarve

Getting flights to Algarve is an easy task. Nevertheless, there is vital information you require before you start planning your next trip. 

First and foremost, the Algarve airport. Flights to Algarve can only be booked for Faro airport. It is located in Algarve. 

Remember that Portugal is a small country, and even though it has many smaller airports, the key ones, were built to serve the main regions of the country: Porto, Lisbon, and Algarve (Faro). 

In other words, you can forget about any flights to Albufeira or Quarteira and if your flights to Algarve are not planned to land at Faro Airport, you will face a three hours car trip from Lisbon or a nine-hour drive from Porto.

Algarve is known for its wonderful beaches, beautiful, charming towns, and delicious seafood.

If you are planning to visit Algarve and enjoy all it has to offer, you will need to book your flights to Algarve to land at Faro Airport. 

How do you do that?


How to Book Flights to Algarve

All flights to Algarve can be booked in several ways, including online travel agencies, airline websites, and directly contacting a travel agent. 

In a few words, booking any flight to the Algarve follows much of the same steps as booking a plane ticket to anywhere else in the world.

After choosing your preferred method to get your flights to Algarve, it’s always good practice to compare prices and services, so you can be sure you get the best flight deals available.

Considering that most visitors to the Algarve regions book flights to Faro from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, and Germany, here is a resume guide on how to book your flights to the Algarve from anywhere in these places.


Flights to Algarve from London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, or Berlin

To find your flights from London to Faro, flights from Dublin, Paris, Madrid to Algarve, or anywhere from Germany, including Berlin, you should begin by searching online.

There are many online travel agencies and other websites that will help you get a better idea of not only how much it costs, but also what services might be included during the trip.
Making an online search is also the best way to find cheap flights to Algarve, as many websites usually compare different prices for your convenience.

If you're not sure which option is best for you, it can be helpful to compare prices and read reviews from other travelers to help you decide.

Even so, you should also always visit your favorite or national Airline Websites. If you would like to fly with British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet, or TAP Portugal, for example, it is always better to book your flights to Algarve directly with them.

There’s also the possibility of simply preferring to book all flights to the Algarve in person. In this case, the best option is for you to visit a travel agency and speak with a travel advisor. 

Not only will this person help you find the best flights available, but also may suggest other package deals which can end up costing you less in the end.

But if you’re specifically looking for cheap flights to Algarve, keep on reading.


Cheap Flights to Algarve

Finding cheap flights to Algarve depends on a few things, but the most important one is directly tied to the season in which you decide to visit the region and the time in advance with which you book your trip.

Naturally, to get the best prices, it is recommended to book your flights to Algarve as far in advance as possible.

At the same time, you should also consider the seasons. Summer is the high season of the region and plane tickets to the Algarve during this time of the year are usually more expensive.

On the other side of the spectrum is Winter, which is considered off-season. Therefore, flights to Algarve are less expensive during the winter months.

Nevertheless, that is not to say you cannot enjoy all the Algarve has to offer. Remember, this is a region with a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters that are still very much enjoyable.

But does it make it the best season?



Best Season to Book Flights to Algarve

Summer is the most natural season to book your flights to Algarve. This is the time when the sun is truly shining and people from all over the world are visiting the region.

But you probably already knew this. So we have decided to share with you a little secret: shoulder season.

A Shoulder season is what you find between the on and off-season and is probably the best season to book any flights to Algarve.

The shoulder season in Algarve typically falls in April, May, September, and October, when the weather is still warm, and the crowds are smaller.

The summer months of June through August are the busiest and most popular times to visit, but the weather can be quite hot and humid during this time, so it is important to plan accordingly. 

If you are looking to avoid the crowds and the heat, Spring, and Fall, can be good times to visit, as the weather is more pleasant, and the prices to book your flights to Algarve are typically lower.


What do to when you get to Algarve?

After getting your flights to Algarve sorted out, it is time to begin planning what to do when you get there. A few ideas include exploring the charming towns, visiting all the beaches of the regions, sampling the local cuisine, or even taking a boat trip.

Nevertheless, the first order of business should always be your accommodation.

At Algarve Accommodations, we have several accommodations waiting for you. These can be found in Parque Atlântico, Varandas de Carteia, and Bouganville Apartments. 

Check them out and enjoy your stay!

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