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Algarve in winter

Algarve in winter

For those looking to run away from the harsh winter climates, the Algarve in winter is an excellent option to consider.

Best known for its hot temperatures during the summer, the Algarve in winter offers a wide range of activities and a beautiful region to discover. But there are two more good reasons to choose to visit Algarve in winter.

First, visitors will be able to discover a region full of history and mixed culture, without the sometimes-tiresome aspects of what is known as mass tourism. And second, as winter is typically an off-season, price ranges will be significantly lower.

So please read on, as we unveil why you should choose the Algarve as your next winter vacation.


How cold is Algarve in winter?

As you might have already guessed, Algarve in winter is not that cold. Which is excellent if you are looking for moderate temperatures, lower prices, and fewer crowds.

During the summer, one might expect temperatures to constantly be above 30ºC (86ºF), full beaches, thousands of likeminded people, and not a chair available to sit and just enjoy yourself.

However, Algarve in winter presents itself with comfortable 20ºC (68ºF) average temperatures and the occasional rainy day. And we do mean occasionally, as the Algarve has more than 300 days of sunny days throughout the year.

During the winter, it offers the perfect conditions for outdoor activities such as a round of golf, a leisure stroll alongside the sea, beautiful sunsets and, for the more intrepid, different hike trails along the naturally preserved coast. And if walking is not your thing, there’s always birdwatching.  


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How is Algarve in December?

December is the peak of winter for the Western Hemisphere. Knowing what to expect of the Algarve during December is the best way to be confident of what to expect throughout the entire winter.

December can be the rainiest of months. But not nearly as other known regions, such as northern Europe. Only one impermeable coat might be needed – and not a particularly warm one, as temperatures average 14ºC (57ºF) during December.

December might be off-season, but it still will be Christmas, so expect a slight rise in prices and visitors. The Algarve has been witnessing an interest increase during the Christmas holidays. It’s understandable.

No matter the season, the Algarve is a family-friendly destination. But during the winter, it offers great value for money. As well as enough activities to make it a pleasurable journey.


What to do in Algarve in winter?

There are many ways to enjoy Algarve in winter. However, many other things will depend on exactly when you will be visiting (think of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or the famous Carnival holidays). 

These are but a few suggestions of common activities to be enjoyed:

  • The most general activities imply going on a tour of the region.
  • Get to know the beautiful caves of Carvoeiro, explore the coast by going on a hike, or simply rent a bike and see where you end at – probably in a nice restaurant.
  • Other activities include a visit to the Zoo, a trip in search of handcrafted wares, a horse ride, a round of golf, or a wine tasting. (If golf is a hobby of yours, get to know the best golf courses in Algarve)

There truly is a bit of everything for everyone in the Algarve in winter.


What to do in Algarve in winter?


Where to stay in Algarve in winter?

There is one thing most visitors to Portugal know, but don’t take advantage of: Portugal is a small country. It has a big soul and a rich history, but you will never be far away from the next town worth a visit. This is especially important when choosing where to stay in Algarve in winter. 

Why? Because, during the winter, the beach might not be an option to enjoy all week-long. Chances are you will be exploring the region.

One would think Faro – the region’s capital – or the better known Vilamoura would be the best options. They are an option, to be sure, and if you want to read more about these, we have also written about them here and here. 

However, a better option would be a more central one such as Quarteira. It is almost equally distant from Faro and Albufeira – two well-known cities of the Algarve – and at a walking distance from the more expensive Vilamoura – it’s a 30 minutes’ walk.

It offers the same quality service as you will find in other regions of the Algarve, an excellent understanding of English and high-quality healthcare. 

Not only that, it also has family activities such as the possibility to visit the Roman ruins, to discover the trails of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, or other options such as a round of Golf or an Aquashow adventure.

Obviously, comfortable restaurants and strolls alongside the coast are included. 

See you soon?