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Tavira is a beautiful and charming city in the Algarve. You have probably heard of it and may be wondering if it is worth a trip. 

If this is your case, then the short answer is yes: a few days in Tavira, Portugal is well worth it. And we will explain why.

Apart from the many things to do in Tavira, this town is also known for its extremely well-preserved medieval architecture, delightful, picturesque streets, and enchanting squares.

With a 12th-century castle, you can also stroll along a roman-era bridge or visit one of the many beautiful churches.

Naturally, the weather is also very agreeable, with the town sharing the same hot summers and mild Winters you always feel when traveling through the Algarve region of Portugal.

Are you starting to feel the enthusiasm? Read on!


Where is Tavira?

Situated in the Algarve, southern Portugal, Tavira is located near the Gilão River, just 10 minutes away from the beach, when driving by car.

The city has a rich history that dates back to the Roman Empire when it was an important fishing and salt production center. Today, there are still many pieces of evidence to support it, including its roman bridge.

However, it was only after the Moorish occupation that it went under significant development. 

When the Christians conquered it, somewhere in the 13th century, Tavira was a buzzing trading center and an important strategic point to protect the entire Algarve region.

Because of this, some of its most important buildings were built during the Middle Ages, including the castle and its several lovely churches. 

Then, for almost 800 years, the town has been able to preserve most of them, keeping its history and heritage very much alive and making it an extremely popular destination today, with thousands of people visiting the region of Tavira, every year.



What to do in Tavira?

Are you still, wondering if Tavira is worth visiting? To help you make up your mind and plan your Tavira holiday today, we have put together a list of what to do in Tavira.

Tavira is a town that offers you a truly unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

We have already talked about the castle, the bridge, and its charming streets (and they are certainly a part of this list), but there is more you should know!


Tour the Old Town of Tavira

Touring the Old Town is not only a rich experience but also the cheapest one. 

This is the perfect activity for those that do not have enough time to spend an entire week in Tavira, or those just visiting it, or a couple of hours and enjoying the simplest it has to offer.

Explore the city’s delightful streets, squares, and local shops. Take a stroll through the centuries-old bridge, take a photo, admire the churches, and pay a visit to the castle, before relaxing at a café or a restaurant.

To make it the perfect day, spend the morning at one of the nearby beaches (more information below) and then explore the town, and the castle.



Explore the Tavira Castle

Right in the town’s historic center, lies the Tavira Castle. Its origin dates back to more than two thousand years when the south of Portugal was still occupied by the moors. 

It underwent several modifications, but its history continued, including during the famous 1755 earthquake that hit Portugal and wreaked havoc on the castle as well.

Nevertheless, there is still much to see of it – including a stunning view of the city. If you are into thousands of years of history in one go – this is a must-see!

And right beside it? Two wonderful churches.


Visit the Churches and Convents of Tavira

Right near the castle – one or two minutes walking – you will find two historic churches: the Santa Maria do Castelo and the Santiago Church.

They were both rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake but the former has preserved its original Gothic structure, while the latter still depicts paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries.

However, these are but two of the more than 20 churches you will find in Tavira, to which we must also add the convents.

Mainly, the former convent of São Francisco, dating from the 13th century.


Spend a day at the beach

If nothing else, you should visit Tavira for its truly beautiful beaches. You will find many beaches near Tavira, but there are three you should consider: Barril beachCabanas beach, and Santa Luzia beach.

To be fair, the beach of Santa Luzia is the beginning of Barril beach. However, it is considered to be somewhat more private, offering all visitors a chance for some space. 

Barril beach, on the other hand, is more crowded, but there is a reason: there is plenty of space for everyone, it is extremely beautiful, and you can get there by train. 

Yes, you read that right: there is an old, vintage train carrying passengers right to the beach. But if you are up to it, you can walk to the beach and enjoy the view.

Last, but not least, there is also Cabanas beach. It is as beautiful as both the other beaches, but a tad far – right in front of the village of Cabanas, which is one of the best-kept secrets of Tavira.



Do not forget Tavira island!

Yes, there is an island. All the beaches near Tavira are on islands, with rectangular shape, and very conveniently follows along the known ria Formosa trail and natural park (which you can also visit).

However, there is a beach called the beach of Tavira island, which is found right in the middle between Cabanas and Santa Luzia. If you are in the center of town, just follow the scent of the sea and you will get there swiftly. 


What is the Weather like for Tavira?

The weather in Tavira is typical Mediterranean weather, which can be translated into hot summers and mild winters. 

Together with its almost perfect mix of culture and relaxation activities, its sunny and warm weather is what attracts so many people all year long. Even when it rains during the Winter, there are usually fewer tourists and still many activities available.

In the summer, the hottest days in Tavira are cooled down by the sea breeze and the refreshing feel of the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean, so even when the temperature rises, you will always feel fresh.


Where to stay in Tavira?

Tavira is a wonderful place, with a magnificent collection of artifacts from the region's Roman, Moorish, and Medieval past and beautiful beaches and other monuments to complement it.

In truth, the city has something to offer everyone, but chances are the best places to stay in Tavira are not in it.

The fact is Tavira is no longer a hidden gem. Therefore, most places will probably be charging more, given the rising demand and according to the ever-rising number of people visiting the town.

One of the options always available is camping, with one or two camping parks surrounding the city. 

If you look for Accommodations in Algarve, you will find that many of the towns are not far from one another. If you stay in places such as Vilamoura or Quarteira, you will just be slightly over a 30-minute drive away from Tavira.

So give us a call, and we will get you some of the best Algarve Accommodations you can find.